Print Baron offer a wide range of finishing services from simple cutting to laser cutting.

An innovative finishing service for intricate paper cutting. Print Baron was one of the first printers in Australia to blend print with this specialised finish. Bring your corporate or personal invitations to another level!


Gloss or matt coating on heavier stocks. Gives stock

Digital foil

Bright, metallic looking gold, silver, blue or red text or image. (on selected stocks only)


Trim to any size.

UV coating

A protective coat suitable for heavier stocks or labels.

Machine creasing

A strong score line for a perfect crease with no cracking


Saddle stitching or book binding

Die cutting

Die cutting is suitable for production style cutting (header cards and backing boards)

Laser cutting

For intricate cutting for invitations and cards

Shrink wrapping

A simple and economic packaging for itemised units

Binding (burst/metal coil/plastic coil/padding)

Print Baron can produce most forms of binding in-house