Car signage – yes, we wrap as well!

A simple car wrap designed and installed by Print Baron. Let us know your car signage needs and we can design and install. 


Timber Invitations

Laser etched and cut 3mm timber invitations. Make a real statement with your wedding with these bespoke invitations.  We design and produce in-house.

Compliance Plates – Metal

Need to mark or tag an item? Need it to last? Why not use a DURABLACK metal plaque!
Durablack is used for compliance plates and identification plates and comes with a high quality self adhesive backing that is very hard to remove. Great for trailers or any type of industrial machinery.

It is a black coated metal that etches to a bright […]

Header Cards

Need some packaging for your product? We can produce small boxes or header cards in short to long run. Standard tent header cards for plastic bag topping or more unusual shapes (as the one pictured). We can design and produce prototypes before going into production.

Wood Look MDF Cut & Etch

A really nice idea for a unique and special invitation. This has been laser etched and cut from a “wood” look coated MDF. The advantage being it can be cleanly cut, as opposed to ply that tends to burn more when cut, and still look like real wood.